Our Goal, Our Blood, Elk Tears

Katy Raya

On February 8th, the Bulldog Boys Varsity Soccer team played the Burleson Elks and walked off the field with a hard earned 2 to 0 victory.

The match was competitive from the start, both the Bulldogs and the Elks battling for a win. Although none of the teams made a score throughout the game, they both gave all their effort into keeping the ball away from one another.

“I would like to say that this one of our best games,” said Senior Ashton Boone. “Even though we didn’t win in the original time and had to win in PK, I think this was one of our best games.” Boone felt that their opponent knew what they were doing and had a good strategy in mind. “We had chances but couldn’t capitalize on them.” Boone also stated that this was one of his best games he had in his career so far. He hopes to win district and move onto state with the rest of his team to become the next state champions.

Ultimately, the game resulted in a tie breaker, therefore each team had to send kickers to take Penalty Kicks. The Bulldogs sent Austen “Cooper” Macaulay, (7), and Yahir Romero onto the field to kick. Macaulay and Romero both make the kicks, winning the game for the Bulldogs.

“We did pretty good, defensive wise,” said Sophomore Yahir Romero. “But I thought we could’ve done a little bit better attack wise.” Romero thought that their opponent were alright and felt that they could have beat them during the game, but is glad that they won the game even if it was through PK. “I could’ve done better, but I got the job done,” said Romero about his personal performance. Just like Boone, Romero wants to be district champs this season and to keep winning the games to come.

The Bulldogs have more games to come, ad they pln to win them all and learn from each one of them. The win was essential to the Bulldogs, but it is only a step closer from the team’s goal to qualify for district and move on to state.

“The expectations for the season, well, we kinda look at it as one game at a time. So really it’s about our expectations for next Tuesday. Our guys, we want to be better than our previous game, and we have an opportunity to do that,” said Coach Boone. “We have a good team, a lot of good players, and so as long as we continue to play well, then we’ll have positive results like tonight.”

The Bulldogs play next at the Everman High School Stadium on Tuesday at 7:30 PM.