What’s in Store for the 2020 Door?

Student Council & Senior Cabinet Lead Us to New Traditions!

What’s in Store for the 2020 Door?

A brand new year for Everman High School has begun with a new group of leadership: Student Council and Senior Cabinet. The election for the council titles were won by President Student Body Melissa Revilla and Senior Class President Raymundo Zafra representing the high school through projects and ideas along with the other members to contribute to the high school.  

In the 2020 school year, becoming one as a group is very important to this year’s student council, they plan to improve by strengthening themselves as a group through bonding and creating a culture of excellence. President Student Body Melissa Revilla commented, “It is very important for our council to be able to get along with each other through maintaining a safe environment and be able to listen to everybody’s opinion. Not only listen, but to implement that into our decision making to our best ability.” As a group they have decided to help across the street of the high school to volunteer assistance to the church who gives out sandwiches for the students after school to eat on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a kind gesture. 

Not only does student council want to help the church but also elementary students. The members came up with the idea of doing a toy drive for elementary students in Everman. Parents, staff, and students would be able to donate any partly used toys to the kids. Although, it still needs to be approved for them to initiate it. In addition, Student Council is looking to create new activities and events for the students of Everman.

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For the high school, they want to create a winter formal for which grades nine through twelve will able to attend.”

— Melissa Revilla

Also, to showcase events at school for parent involvement and awareness days. The main goal for them is to compete with other student council organizations from other schools to introduce awareness days to students. Ideas such as running an assembly over suicide survivor awareness along with a mental illness week for students to become informed. 

Student council works hard for their efforts to be shown through school events and activities. This school year will be introducing new things into our student life to help improve ourselves as a student and as a whole.