New Beginnings


Katy Raya

August 15th, 2019, the start of a new year. Seniors arriving around 6:30 in the morning to see the sunrise together, excited yet nervous to start their last year. Juniors and sophomores dreading their first day, yet eager to see their friends after a long summer. As well as freshman running around the building to find their classes, getting lost because this is a new environment for them. The emotions of students are everywhere, from excitement to nervousness. Most of the students don’t know what to expect, due to the new changes from last year. Who are their teachers? What are they like? What are their classes like? Will they see their old friends and make new ones? Despite their concerns, most of the students are ready to take on the new year.

“I expect to get a lot of work done, mostly college applications, ACT and SAT prep, along with schoolwork,” Senior Ashley Pacheco said when asked about her expectations for her last year. “I also expect to have a little more fun than I’ve had the previous years. I’ve been working hard for three years and I think that this year should be more relaxed.” Just like every senior, Pacheco looks forward to graduation. “Finally leaving this behind, being able to move on to a new chapter in my life, being able to explore the world and discover what it has for me. I honestly want to experience the college life.” Pacheco wants underclassmen to know that it’s important to work hard, but it’s also important to have fun. “A lot of people are stuck in this idea that they have to be in the top of their class and that they have to get a perfect score on the ACT and SAT and it’s not all about that. Colleges don’t always look at your grades and test scores, they look at how well rounded you are, so go out and have fun! Join some clubs and make friends in all circles. ” We wish Pacheco the best of luck!

Seniors are excited to see what their last year of high school holds for them. Athletes are hoping to commit to a college in order to continue their athletic career. Students who have been putting hours and hours into their studies are intend on attending their dream college, something that have been working hard for since the beginning. Artists hoping that their work gets noticed, theater kids dreaming about performing on Broadway, and band kids desiring to continue marching and playing. Each and every student in this school has a dream and most of them are willing to work hard for it. High school is only the beginning, and once they leave they get to experience the real world without guidance and experience it all for themselves. 

“I look forward to a fun, relaxed year. It’s my last year, I want to enjoy it and not be overwhelmed with schoolwork,” said Senior Alex Gonzalez. “This is my last ride with a lot of my classmates, I want to enjoy it while I can. Gonzalez’s main priority is academics, he wants to get high grades and stay on top of his work. His second priority is baseball. He’s been playing since he was 6, and hopes to be committed into a junior college and transfer to a four year university. When asked what advice he has for underclassmen, Alex stated, “Focus on your grades, don’t slack off, and stop procrastinating. The journey gets harder, and don’t stress over something that won’t matter in the future.” We wish Gonzalez the best of luck with his academic and athletic career!

This is only the beginning. Students should cherish every memory they make, especially seniors. This is their last year together before they enter they start their own journey. They should make the best out of their senior year because it will go by in a flash. Underclassmen should cherish their time here and enjoy it while it lasts. Students are in for a ride, whether it’s bumpy or smooth, they should be ready for this journey or adolescence.