We Should Keep the Dress Code

March 3, 2023


When people hear the words “Dress Code,” the first thing that comes to mind is usually a set of strict rules for how students should dress. In a way, that’s true. But it is also there to help students and staff to keep a safe learning environment for everyone.

Dress Code can be a very touchy subject for some, but others aren’t really bothered. In a conversation with several high school teachers, they both said that they think dress code is a good thing. But one even thinks we should have uniforms. “I think it would be easier to just throw on dark jeans, and tuck in a polo,” she says confidently as she continues to talk about the uniforms at her previous work place. “ If there were no Dress Code, it would absolutely be taken advantage of,” states a history teacher. Personally, the Dress Code doesn’t affect what I wear every day, so I agree with it, but for others, it may be different. 

Yes, I think that students should be able to express who they are, but I also think Dress Code is not the way to do it. The Dress Code is honestly there to protect students, when in reality people just see it as rules. And I understand that it does affect some people’s day attire, but then again you can’t show up to public places, dressed half clothed. And I’m not saying that everyone would show up dressed inappropriately, but they are some that would definitely be taking advantage.

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