We Shouldn’t Have a Dress Code

March 3, 2023

Most schools enforce a dress code in order to promote a professional atmosphere. Dress codes in schools emphasize academics and promote good behavior by students. But are dress codes the best way to achieve these goals?


Although a dress code could reduce bad behavior and highlight learning, it also teaches children to conform to the “socially accepted norm”. By teaching children to conform to these rules, it suppresses their individuality. School-aged children who grow up with a strictly enforced dress code are susceptible to feeling the need to fit in. 


Dress codes also reinforce outdated stereotypes. The difference between male and female dress codes significantly differ. Most female dress codes include more restrictions than males’.  


Instead, we should be teaching students to dress appropriately based on the context and not by the interpretation. Dress codes do not facilitate this learning. Schools should also teach school-aged children how to be respectful towards others’ bodies.

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