Let’s Talk Uniforms

March 7, 2023

Uniforms in schools, is this the best choice? Well, most American schools don’t follow a uniform mandated dress code. Letting students have free self expression, but what consequences does this self expression bring? Some might say they’ve made friends from similar styles, but some may experience bullying. A social hierarchy, made from student’s appearances. School uniforms could aid the bullying crisis, but it would also conceal styles. I think our school system is more directed towards the feminine styles. The dress code is supposed to pertain to everyone, but does it really? Truly examine what you see, body types are discriminated against for their size. Gender plays an extreme role in leeway for clothing. Body discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated, we need a more accepting dress code. 

Less worry about buying those new and fashionably relevant clothes and accessories. The average American will spend around $290 on electronics or technology related needs or wants for the school year. Around $270 is spent only on clothing, that’s the price disregarding shoes and accessories. An estimated $170 is spent on shoes and $150 on school supplies. That’s an average of $880 for one student a year. West Virginia carries 683 public schools, and 263,486 public school students. In 2019 20% of West Virginia’s public school students were in poverty, which is a total of 69,975 kids. Most of those kids don’t have the same amount of money and opportunities to have the new street styles, and basic necessities. 

West Virginia Policy 4373 abides by, This rule sets the requirements for the development of safe and supportive schools that provide optimal learning conditions for both students and staff. Safety and order is the foundation of a positive climate/culture that supports student academic achievement and personal-social development. This rule also establishes disciplinary guidelines for student conduct in West Virginia schools to assure an orderly, safe, drug-free, violence and harassment-free learning environment. “Harassment free learning environment”, bullying over clothing fits into this statement. Lack of acceptance for classmates’ appearances, any category but it’s still discrimination. Our dress code is loosely bound together, occasionally you see someone get dress coded. Some clothes people wear may make others uncomfortable. Bringing others self-confidence down, and a social hierarchy over appearances. Would these issues exist with a stricter dress code? I don’t think they would. 

School uniforms average around $150, compared to $880 that’s saving a lot of money. But with school uniforms comes conflict. Self expression would be limited, but are you willing to wear uniforms? 



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