Aerial Objects: What They Are and Where They Come From

Ever since the Chinese Spy Balloon was shot and taken care of, the reports of UFOs had risen dramatically, which has led mankind to superstition, fear, and many unanswered questions about what is truly vacation our skies and our space.

The Chinese Surveillance Balloon

Timeline of the Chinese Spy Balloon: January 28- The Chinese Spy Balloon enters the United States airspace. It started high over Alaska, north of the Aleutian Islands. The balloon started to get tracked but had posed no threat or risks at the time. January 30- The balloon travels into the Canadian airspace, which had soon gotten accused of spying. According to CBS News, the Chinese spy balloon w...

Foreign Objects: What Are They?

Foreign Aerial Objects, sometimes known as U.F.O.s or U.A.P.s ( Unidentified Flying Objects, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), have been seen in the sky since the early 1940’s. What are these objects? Well, no one really knows. But what we do know, is that they have been spotted in the U.S’s airspace for several years now. There have been countless documented cases and evidence of them and even...

The Origin of UFOs

U.F.O.’s, U.A.P.’s, weather balloons, satellites, missiles, etc. All of these objects are well known for one thing; being able to fly through the air. Recently, there have been a lot of objects flying in the air that aren't actually supposed to be there. Let's call these U.F.O’s to make things easier. UFO’s, not specifically meaning aliens, just unknown objects in the U.S.’s airspace that...

Aliens: The Truth Among Us

When someone mentions the word ‘alien,’ you probably create a mental image of a tall, green creature with a huge head and black, bug-like eyes. However, this is probably not how aliens would look if we were to actually see them. Sightings of aliens all began back in the 1940’s, more specifically 1947, when a man by the name of Kenneth Arnold spotted multiple strange, flying objects in the sky...

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