The Daily Life of a Principal

Mrs. Lambert, Mr.Currence, and Mr.Rayfield work in different way ensure success at Elkins High School. Read the articles below to find out more about their background and what their workdays are like.



Mrs. Lambert

The principals of Elkins High work hard to make sure students are safe and comfortable in the school's environment–among all those who enter the school premises. Mrs. Lambert is the head principal while Mr. Currence and Mr. Rayfield act as the assistant principals. Mrs. Lambert's morning starts around 5:15. As the head Principal, she is primarily responsible for the school curriculum. When she starts her day she makes sure there are enough subs for all the...

Mr. Rayfield

Mr. Rayfield has quite a different story as to how he became a principal. His background as an administrator did not begin in education. In his youth, he attended a private school in Maryland. Shortly thereafter, he started coaching students in secondary education. During college, it was recommended to him that he get his educational leadership and principal administration certificate. As an assistant p...

Mr. Currence

Mr. Currence's duty as an assistant principal is to ensure staff and students of Elkins High School are safe from harm. In the mornings, Mr. Currence is found waiting at the entrance to welcome students that get off the bus. Mr. Currence taught P.E. for 12 years before he decided to start his career as an assistant principal.  “I felt like I would have better hands-on with the kids and help them.”...

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