The Origin of UFOs

U.F.O.’s, U.A.P.’s, weather balloons, satellites, missiles, etc. All of these objects are well known for one thing; being able to fly through the air. Recently, there have been a lot of objects flying in the air that aren’t actually supposed to be there. Let’s call these U.F.O’s to make things easier. UFO’s, not specifically meaning aliens, just unknown objects in the U.S.’s airspace that are not supposed to be there, and are currently not identified by U.S officials as to what they are. Over the past few weeks from the end of February to the beginning of March, there has been an influx of U.F.O. sightings across the U.S. These sightings range from being described as strange lights in the sky, metallic pill shaped objects flying erratically in the air, to disk-shaped objects flying about and seemingly disappearing in front of your eyes in a burst of speed. In fact, most of these sightings happened during a single weekend. During that weekend, countless videos of UFOs spread across the internet, with sightings from all over the U.S. So, what are these UFOs? Well first, let’s look at the factual side of things.

In April 2020, the Pentagon and U.S department of defense released footage that was previously classified, of what they themselves are calling UFOs. Most of the footage is from the view of high grade military RADARS lenses. Now, these RADARS are known to be able to track high speed objects using infrared lenses, detecting frequencies, and just simply locking onto the target and following its trajectory. But even these RADARS could not keep up with the UFO’s they were tracking. Along with visual footage, there is also audio of the multiple pilots that had witnessed these UFO’s. Along with the official reports, there are even exact dates and times these sightings happened along with who was there to witness them. So, these are definitely UFO’s, but are there aliens?

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