International Space Station is to Crash into Pacific Ocean in 2031

NASA says it plans to retire the International Space Station in 2031 by crashing it into an uninhabited portion of the Pacific Ocean called Point Nemo. According to Phil McAlister, director of commercial space at NASA headquarters, the private sector will be taking the lead in developing the new commercial space stations. The private sector is anticipating being able to operate the space stations at low-Earth orbit destinations with NASA’s assistance.
Their goal is to use the commercialization of space stations as an income to provide for the federal space program’s needs instead of them providing for themselves. Goods and services will be offered on these stations and several crewmembers will work abroad at the commercial space stations by the early 2030s, conducting scientific research and medical research in microgravity. NASA will help to ensure a smooth transition from the ISS into the new commercial space stations.
“I think it is kind of sad honestly that we have to do away with the ISS, but I do hope they will salvage what is left of the wreckage. The idea of commercial space is intriguing.” Senior Noah Backus stated on the subject.