Snowboarding this snowfall


Hannah Cutright

Slopes at Canaan Valley, Davis WV

Last year I got a snowboard from a thrift shop in town. It was only 2 dollars and in surprisingly good condition, so I grabbed it along with some snow boots. Last year was when I first started to snowboard. I started at the top of the D&E hill despite my nerves, and I crashed hard and bruised my leg badly.

This year I went back again with all of my friends to sled, so I brought my snowboard with me to try again. Each person took turns trying it out, but pretty much everyone crashed.

My friend Orion is experienced with skiing, but he has never snowboarded. He tried it for the first time and it looked like he was an expert. I’m working on getting better at snowboarding, and eventually I will start going to Snowshoe. I can’t wait to see what the next snow falls brings me and my friends.