County Board Meeting to Address Mask Mandate


The Randolph County School Board will convene at 5:00 this evening to address the mask mandate that has affected the county since Fall of 2020. The motion which the Superintendent recommends is to be “rescinding the current mask mandate for Randolph County Schools effective Wednesday, March 2, 2022.” This action, if approved, would make mask wearing optional for both students and staff members.

“At this point I don’t really care. If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. I’ll probably still wear mine, just because I’m used to it. ” Hannah Cutright Explained. “It’s not really an inconvenience anymore.”

One of the main goals in removing the mandate is to “Increase Communication and Community Connections”. Caleb McVicker believes that this goal would surely be accomplished.

“I can’t wait to see everybody’s beautiful smiles,” McVicker stated. “I’ve met a lot of new friends this year, and haven’t gotten to see their faces yet. It’ll feel like a big step towards things going back to normal.”