Joe Biden’s first State of the Union Address


President Joe Biden gave his first State of The Union Address Tuesday night.

President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday night where he touched on the multiple issues the United States is facing both of which are domestic and foreign, while also reaffirming Americans that the country and its people are “strong.”

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine was a focal talking point throughout the night and Biden began his remarks by addressing the conflicts in which he showed a display of solidarity for the Ukrainian people. The President called on members of Congress to stand in the house chamber in a show of support for the country in a bipartisan standing. Ukraine Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova who was one of the first lady Jill Biden’s guests stood up holding her country’s flag. Several members of Congress also wore blue and yellow in support of Ukraine. Joe Biden also strongly declared unity against Russia within the US and among its allies. The President celebrated the actions the United States took against Russia and the impacts that those actions will have on the Russian military and their economy.

Covid-19 was the next topic of interest where Biden outlined his plans for America to emerge from the pandemic, calling for bipartisan support to reset the polarization of the last two years as the nation begins the return to normal. In efforts to combat the pandemic, he announced that Americans who ordered the free test kits from will be able to order additional tests starting next week and his administration’s scientists are working hard to get vaccines authorized for children under the age of five.

Then for the first time, two women who are the current Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat behind the President of the United States during an official State of the Union address. Them representing the hope, motivation, and determination for young women throughout the land inspiring them and leading them.

The second to last event that happened during the State of the Union Address was the celebration of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement, and the touting of the nominee that Biden selected to fill his position Ketanji Brown Jackson. Joe honored retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who was treated to extended applause, and he introduced and made the case for his nominee to replace Breyer, Ketanji Brown Jackson, calling her a consensus builder.

Finally ending on a strong note the President concluded his speech by reassuring the American people that, “The state of the union is strong, because you, the American people, are strong.”