Students Plan Schedules for Next School Year


Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are working hard currently to make their schedules for the next 2022-2023 school year. Students submit which classes they would like to take the following school year.

The guidance counselors and other staff members will then work on the master schedule. This schedule will show when classes are available. Students then make their individual schedules based on when the classes they would like to take are available. Scheduling can be very stressful for students, teachers, and especially guidance counselors. Students will always have many questions because they want to get the best out of the classes Elkins High School has to offer.

The scheduling process at Elkins High School.

“Scheduling is pretty stressful because you are trying to figure out what teachers you want and what classes you want during what semester but it is also nice to decide what classes I can take,” said junior, Hannah.

“I would love to have a larger staff to be able to offer more courses. Unfortunately the staff number limits the courses we are allowed to offer.” Mr. Currence added.