EHS Sophomores Read to Elementary School Students


Ms. Bodkins

All the EHS Sophomores sitting on the steps at Coalton.

On October 31st, sophomores from Ms. Lewis’s 10th grade English classes went to surrounding elementary schools to read books the students wrote for a project.
For the project, Ms. Lewis had her students write books for 1st through 5th grade. She then selected four people for each grade level to go to the classes and read to the kids. She chose the students based on how well they read in front of others and how they had written their stories. Ms. Lewis said, “she wishes she could have taken everyone but sadly that’s not the case.”
The reasoning behind this project was to teach the students how to communicate with people, and to captivate the kids with their reading. Ms. Lewis wants her students to succeed in life by teaching them communication skills along with English skills.
Cameron, one of the following sophomore students that was selected for the trip. He stated “I wanted to go on the trip for the experience”. He also said “I love reading to little kids, they’re so joyful and they bring joy to my life”.
Ms. Lewis said to her 2nd Block “The principals from all the schools were very pleased with the sophomores, and that they would like to have sophomores from Elkins High School to read every year to elementary students.”