Opinions on Elections from Elkins High

Students and staff alike vocalize their views on the importance of voting


As election day approaches, students and staff alike vocalize their views on the importance of voting. General elections will be held Tuesday, November 8th. The election falls at a point where political turmoil is at an all time high. Especially in high school, where students are learning about their civic duty, and some seniors get the chance to act on it. While adults stress the importance of voting, some students feel as though this duty has no significance.

Junior Hannah stated, “They are important but I don’t really know how it affects me right now.”

While some are choosing not to vote, others are disappointed that they are missing out this year.

Mr.MgGill, a new citizen of the United States, said that he wishes he could participate this year. “I think I actually registered a little bit too late for this election, which is disappointing. But i will definitely next year,”

Although the opportunity was missed this year, MgGill stresses the importance of voting.

While it is typical for school faculty to encourage students to exercise their voting rights, there are also students who feel just as strongly about the subject. One student being Caleb, who feels candidate engagement is a very important thing for new voters to be mindful of.

“Voting is definitely important. Most people think their vote doesn’t matter but that’s not true. Because, if nobody voted then there wouldn’t be an election.”.