D&E Upward Bound Program Inducts New Sophmores


EH sophomore inductees

Students in Upward Bound gathered to welcome the new sophomores selected to enter the program. The students had to complete an application and submit it to apply for the program. Students then were selected to go through with the interview process. Students were then sent acceptance letter in the mail.

“We always love bringing in a new group of students. They come in nervous and anxious for their first few Saturday sessions, but by the time their first summer program is ending, They have made so many new friends that they don’t want to leave. It’s rewarding to watch everyone grow and discover more about themselves.” said Katy Dillion, an Assistant Director Upward Bound. The program serves students Randolph, Barbour, Tucker counties. The session that happened on November 12 began with several speeches including one from the president of Davis and Elkins College Mr.Wood.

“Meeting new people has to be my favorite part about Upward Bound so far. I’m excited to continue to meet new people and the trips we get to take.” shared Abbie, a EHS sophomore inductee.

The students were broken up into groups based on their grade. Sophomores were then given advice about the program and were introduced to the website and monthly tutoring assignment. “Do not procrastinate with anything because it will come back and its due before you realize.”  advised Charlie, a senior.

Staff and volunteers provided the students with a lunch break and snack while they played a game of bingo before leaving for the day.