Christmas Spirit Arrives in Randolph County

Communities all over West Virginia come together to provide many Christmas events for families to enjoy before Christmas. The events tend to last from December 2nd to Christmas Day, giving enough time for more people to attend and enjoy themselves during the Holiday season.

Local events include Chamber’s Annual “Jingle All the Way” Christmas Parade, “Who-Ville,” “The Festival of Lights,” and a “Merry Mountain Christmas in ‘Elfkins.’”

From December 2nd to December 24th, downtown will be the main attraction for “A Merry Mountain Christmas in Elfkins” this holiday season. A group of volunteers from Old Brick, Augusta, Davis & Elkins College, and the Elkins- Randolph County Chamber joined together with local businesses to plan many events as Christmas draws near. The first event for Elf-kins will be on December 2nd when the Randolph County Chamber hosts the annual “Jingle All the Way Christmas Parade.” After the parade, the community plans to gather at the Elkins Railroad Depot for the official Christmas Tree Lighting with Santa.

Chamber’s Annual “Jingle All the Way” Christmas Parade
The “Jingle All the Way” Christmas Parade will be held Friday, December 2, lasting from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Locals have a chance to participate in the parade through applications which expire November 30th. As soon as the parade ends at 7:00 pm, there will be a tree lighting ceremony at the Elkins Depot Welcome Center.

“I was at the parade last year in the band and I plan on going this year since I’m still in the band. The lights and the whole atmosphere was great,” says Ness, a sophomore.

Who-Ville’s Light Extravaganza
Neighboring houses in Mill Creek all join together to create the festive town of “Who-ville.” Christmas spirit fills the air as the families set up thousands of lights hanging from tree to tree and a nativity scene, along with their own personal inflatable characters. Tourists and newcomers alike have a chance to walk amongst all of the decorations and take pictures as Christmas carols play from the speakers in the trees. One of the best parts is seeing all of the excited faces light up as families experience Christmas spirit in new ways.

“I’ve been to Who-ville before, but I went back in 2020, so I didn’t really get the full experience. However, the experience I did have was amazing and the lights were incredible,” says Ness.

Festival of Lights
On December 4th, in the Myles Center for the Arts-Harper McNeeley Auditorium, the Davis and Elkins College will be holding an event where a concert choir will be performing in front of a live audience. They will bring forth a message of life, light, hope, and the birth of Christ. Previously, the program was paused due to the pandemic, but this year, they’ve planned it out better than before with a new location. A reception will be held after the event in The Joni and Buck Smith Arts Forum, which will be supporting the local food bank.
“I was at the Festival of Lights before and it was great,” says Atlas, a junior. “My favorite part was being able to go with my family and having a new experience.”

A Frosty Night In
“A Frosty Night In” is an event hosted by the Old Brick Playhouse that will be on December 9th through the 11th. This will be an event where you’ll be able to bring the whole family for a magical evening, the event will have games like snowball fights and performances of Frosty the Snowman. The kids at the Playhouse will even be able to meet Santa Claus. Registration and more information can be found here.