Student Governments Provides Holiday Cheer With Letters To Elders

Christmas, at its core, is a time for community. Yet there are times where our seniors—whether they be living alone or in homes—can be left out of the picture. To help include them in this holiday season, the EHS Student Government has paired with the worldwide Love For Our Elders Project.

Through the Project, each member of the Student Government will write a letter to an elder. Due to the Project’s requirements and the student’s desire to connect with these people, these letters won’t be simple Hallmark cards, but actual detailed letters that will build a relationship with them.

These letters will make all the difference to some of our seniors, spreading Christmas cheer to elders can be your responsibility too. You can make an elder feel special by writing them a letter or fight the loneliness epidemic by visiting a senior you know. If you wish to connect with the project or get more information, click here.