Colleges Encourage Sport Gambing: How Will This Affect Incoming Students?

There has been a recent trend of states passing laws making sports betting legal. Then the commercials started airing like crazy. We’ve all seen the ads for Caesars Palace with Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart for DraftKings. We don’t bat an eye at these commercials, but when we see Sparty and Mike the Tiger, we start to question some things.
Caesars Palace has been getting some stares after their partnerships with Michigan State University and Louisiana State University. These weren’t ordinary deals either. Michigan State partnered with the casino giant for $8.4 Million spanning across the next five years. LSU quickly followed suit with a similar deal. The University of Colorado Boulder will receive $1.6 million for the next five years from SportsBet and will receive $30 every time a student downloads the SportsBet app.
Now probably you would be thinking, this shouldn’t be a problem. It is when only half a college’s student body is actually old enough to legally gamble. What these schools are doing are perfectly legal, but it’s being heavily questioned. Parents are starting to get worried about watching their kids go off to college as it is with underage drinking and the people they might come around. Now they might have to worry about their children being pressured into gambling below the legal age.