Reminiscing on Rifle Season

Hunters Find Peace in Nature

Every year in November hunters around the state gear up to go on an adventurous hunt into the wilderness for buck season. Some have hunted for a long time. Sophomore, Mason, has been hunting since he was just a young boy.

“I have been hunting since I was seven years old”, said Mason. Most people have the best time just hunting with their friends and family. Others hunt alone in a tree stand.

Though some people go out and hunt for a purpose and Masons’ purpose is a very common one for most people in West Virginia.“The pursuit of the deer and the thrill of killing one makes me excited plus, I love the taste of deer meat”, stated Mason.

We asked some hunters such as Mason and Anthony if they would ever hunt for deer to help feed the food banks around West Virginia. “I would love to donate deer meat to food banks because everyone deserves to eat and have decent meals, so yes, I would like to harvest more deer”, Mason and Anthony stated.

Hunters use many different types of rifles depending on what is the most cost while also being the most effective. “I use a 243 because it isn’t expensive and it is reliable for putting down animals”, Mason said.

The statewide hunt is one of the most peaceful things and many young hunters get to get away from the internet and center themselves and Mason agrees: “I do enjoy hunting and I would recommend it to others because it’s great to be outside in the woods with no one to tell you what you’re doing wrong. You’re just at peace.”