New Program Incentivizes Attendance and Behavior

Reward Planned for March 23, 2023


On Thursday, March 23, 2023 students who meet goals for the 3rd nine weeks will have the option to choose one out of three reward activities to participate in. This will last from the end of grab & go to the end of 2nd block.

The activities are the following: a theater production, activities in the gym, or bingo in the media center with prizes included. Elkins High is hosting this event in the hopes that it will encourage students to maintain good attendance and behavior. Those who are able to participate are the students that have two or less absences, two or less classroom tardies, and those with no discipline issues during the 3rd nine weeks. Advisors will be sharing this information during homeroom with their students. More information will be shared as the event date nears.

“We use to have incentives for attendance and good behavior for the students, but when COVID hit that kind of went away. So now I’m excited to reward our students that come to school and get to good grades like we did before,” said Mrs. Lambert.