Is The #1 Song On Spotify A Breakup Ballad To Bill Nye?

If you have the app TikTok, you’ve probably heard of the song “Kill Bill”—a rap song about wanting to get revenge on an ex. SZA, the writer and singer, reached her 3rd “Top 10” with Kill Bill and it became the highest-charting song on the Billboard Global 200 chart in early January 2023, with over 64 million streams worldwide.
SZA fans have wondered who the ex she is singing about is. According to TikTok, the answer might have been in the title all along. Several tweets and TikToks started rumors that SZA and Bill Nye had actually been in a relationship for eight months. Their evidence was a few pictures of them posing together, though the only photos presented seem to be from the same social event.
Fans were disgusted by this, primarily due to the alleged couple’s 24 year age gap. SZA, however, simply laughed off the rumors on Twitter, not seeming to take them seriously. Bill Nye has made no comment.
There is no way to prove if the theories are true, so what do you think? Did SZA actually date the 67-year-old science wiz? Or was this just a theory created by TikTokers hoping for more clout?