City of Elkins Recycling Site Relocated

The City of Elkins has made progress to move the location of the recycling waste and glass drop-off to a brand new site. The drop-off has been moved to the grounds of the City of Elkins’ Street Department located at 1 Baxter Street. The recycling yard reopened for business on the 13th of January. The new location for the containers will be behind the Street Department Garage. To reach the containers, drive past the garage, turn onto Chestnut Street, then turn into the gravel lot behind the garage.

“Over the years, we realized that the Wastewater Collection Department wasn’t the best location for the drop-off site, because it’s a tight spot for both customers and for the trucks that periodically need to empty the containers,” says Operations Assistant, Melody Himes. “We think the new location will be even easier for everyone to access and use.”

The brand new drop-off will include raised wooden platforms to make it easier to dispose of the yard waste and any glass into the containers.

Himes included that she is very proud of the opportunity to make recycling easier for the community of Elkins. “The guys at the Street Department did a phenomenal job setting up the new site, and we think it’s really going to work a lot better for everyone.”