Should Books be Banned?

In today’s time books are constantly being banned due to “unsuited to any age group”. Over one-thousand six-hundred books were banned in 2022. Moms for Liberty is a main contributor to banning books. Texas has the most banned books in the United States with a total of 713 books banned (1) . However, over the past decade the average for West Virginia when it comes to banning books has banned ten books per year.
Personally I believe that books shouldn’t be banned but used as a learning tool. Books should not be banned because they are a person’s own ideas and creativity that put a bunch of hard work into the book itself. The reality of all banned books is they deal with real world issues within our society. Books are banned because of the idea they represent, instead of banning them allow people to continue to use them as a learning tool.
Banning books isn’t the way to protect children and teenagers in our world. Shielding them from it, is only going to bring them more shock about the topics you read about. Without books we never read tales of inspiring heroes or anomalies that fuel people’s fantasies. Banning books means taking a part of society that has been around since the 4th Millenium BC.