[Movie Review] Looking Back at “Shrek”

The movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is currently in theaters, based on a character that first appeared in the Shrek franchise. In honor of the classic that began it all, I wanted to review Shrek.

Shrek is about a grumpy ogre alone living in his swamp until it gets overrun by a band of banished fairytale characters. The only way to get them out of his swamp is to appease Lord Farquaad, the king who banished the characters, by rescuing a princess for Farquaad to marry.

I think Shrek is one of the more lovable characters in the movie. Ask any teenager if they know of Shrek or their best friend donkey and they’ll say yes. I think that donkey is that funny comic relief character that everyone remembers throughout the series. Now I don’t really like Fiona. She isn’t too important in the plot of the movie except in the beginning and the end of the movie and, even then, she isn’t really memorable. When I think of Shrek, I think of Fiona last, if I even remember her. I think of the gingerbread man before I think of Fiona!

My take on Shrek is that it’s one of my more favorite childhood movies that was great to grow up on and I’m patiently waiting for the next installment of the series. If I had rated Shrek out of 10 I’d rate it a 9/10 because some characters, like Fiona, aren’t as memorable and the only memorable characters are Shrek and Donkey out of the lead roles. This is because of the downsides in the plot. Fiona is key to the plot of the movie, yet we only got three important moments with her character.

Despite that, I feel like it is a solid movie with memorable fairy tale characters that provide a great addition to the story. With these fairy tale characters being added to the story it can help people feel connected with this story with things people were read throughout their childhood that can maybe provide a sort of sentimental value to the movie. So before you go see Puss in Boots: The Last Wish it be great to watch Shrek series since it shows a bit of his story and can give you an understanding of his character