RTC Carpentry Students Construct Furniture for Raffle and Marshall University

After working for two months the carpentry class at the Randolph County Technical Centers finished building a coffee bar. The coffee bar is made out of locally sourced red oak. This coffee bar was auctioned off on January 20th. The starting bid was $700 and all proceeds to go back into the program.

The same class is also building a smoothie bar for Marshall State University’s locker room. Students are utilizing industrial woodworking machinery to develop all parts of this project. After the students learn what they need to make the smoothie bar should only take about two weeks.

After the project is finished Marshall invited the class to go and install the bar then they will watch a Marshall football game.

Mr. Clingerman said, “Hopefully shortly we can have many more opportunities like this one show up for the students.”

Taking the carpentry class comes with many advantages—one including customizing cups. Mr. Clingerman has mentioned trying to buy yeti tumblers and allowing the students to use the laser engraver to customize them how they would like.

While instructing the students, Mr.Clingerman tries to teach them how to safely operate various machinery along with having fun. This class is to teach you a skill along with giving you many opportunities to do something that you may have yet to get the chance to do before.