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Grades are Flawed-Let’s Change Them

Should students really get graded on stuff that they are just learning? Learning something new is hard enough as it is, yet alone getting graded on it. Many students get good grades on their work while learning something but seem to fail their test. Why is this? 

Students are told to learn difficult material in a certain amount of time and then get graded on top of all of that. Most students know the material they are tested on, but by the time they are tested their nerves get to them.

I believe that teachers should grade based on whether you are trying to learn the material, not how well you do on it. If teachers took the grading part out of their teaching, then I feel like students would improve better on their learning.  

According to every year 25% of first-year students fail to graduate high school on time. There are tons of reasons behind this, but one is how students are graded. Trying to pass is one of the most stressful things for students. We can try our hardest and still end up with a bad grade.  

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There are a bunch of times where students have had the blame put on them for not passing. For example, just this year I had a teacher imply that a few of their students, including me, were cheating on our work. This was because we did well on our work sheets and got a bad grade on our test. They had made it seem as if we were cheating when really, we let our nerves get the best of us. 

Grading students based on how well they do on something they just learned is not going to help them. Grading students is something to show their progress throughout the class, not their ability to take a test. 


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