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Vaping and the effect on the body.

Ava Hymes

Vaping is a worldwide problem, especially among students. Vaping affects the mind and body. There are a few big problems about vaping to kids and students, the advertisement of a vape. The way vapes are advertised currently appeals to children and young adults.

Unlike cigarettes we don’t have 50 years of research to prove what vaping actually does to your body in 50, 60 years. But, science has proven that vaping can deliver toxic metals into your lungs, and can slow down brain development. Vapes contain a chemical called acrolein, something that’s primarily used in weed killer.

Vaping affects more young adults and youth by the day. The percentage of high schoolers being affected is 10.0%. Vaping is now an addiction that affects a small majority of High School students. 35.7% of highschool students admit to using vapes, and there’s undoubtedly more who have not admitted to vaping. Over 17% of students in middle school admit to vaping. Students are drawn to vapes for many reasons, one of them being peer pressure, when one person seems cool for vaping everyone else wants too or feels they have to to fit in. Another huge factor is the way vapes are being advertised, it’s very appealing for minors to want something that is called rainbow snowcone and has a cool looking build. A lot of vape companies make vapes that look like juice boxes, actual snow cones, and so much more that’s very targeted to children.

In an interview with Officer Carr he states, “There are hundreds of identified known chemicals that are proven to cause cancer.”

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Vapes include heavy metals in vapes like nickel, led, and tin. There’s a lot of chemicals, including those listed, that cause organ damage, asthma, and can affect the development of the brain.

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