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Let Them Sleep

School Should Include a Naptime
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Sleep plays an extremely important role for humans to live a healthy life. Some students do not get the correct amount of sleep due to personal reasons. When we are at school, it is hard to function whilst being exhausted. We have to go to school Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We are rushed with work everyday and sometimes we have to do our school work on the weekends. I think being mentally stable is more important than anything besides your well being and your overall health. Some students, like myself and many others, receive hate or bullying everyday from other students. Having to deal with school the whole day on hardly any sleep is very stressful because it can potentially lead to falling asleep in classes.

“I think we should have a nap time because people that get no sleep will have more energy if they receive a nap time. Students will also be more awake.” Garrett Hollen said.

Falling asleep in class puts you behind on your work, which is typically more stress put on to the teens head. So in conclusion, giving students a nap time can benefit in many ways.This is the solution I choose because the school wants the students to work the whole day at school while some are running on no sleep and a nap time can fix that.

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“I think initially, there might come a problem, but once people get used to a nap time it will work.” Mr. Patrick said.

Implementing a nap time during school hours might be a bit challenging. Us high school students are usually packed with classes, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. Rest is extremely important and it is important to try your best to balance rest and academic responsibilities, but some students are not able to equally balance both rest and academic responsibilities.

“Having naptime right after lunch or incorporating it with lunch would be a good time for it.” Mr. Patrick said.

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