Opinions Differ on Dresscode

Opinions Differ on Dresscode

Students attending Elkins High have recently created a petition to change the school’s dress code, and make it less strict for students. So far, over 200 people have signed and several have left comments on the petition stating why they want the policy to change. Many who left their reason for their signature said they thought the dress code shouldn’t sexualize a young girl and her body.

“I think it (the dress code) should be changed,” Justice Crosen, Elkins High sophomore said. “It’s always pointed towards specific girls…Why is it only some girls being sexualized and why are they being sexualized at all in schools?”

From Justices’ point of view, they think that the dress code enforced at Elkins High is unfair and should be changed to be less restrictive. They think that students, not just girls, should be allowed to wear what makes them comfortable without the fear of being sexualized.

“There is a standard you have to set on the job site, and this is teaching you that now,” Robin Davis, a teacher at Elkins High said. “If you’re gonna have a dress code, then it has to be enforced uniformly between all teachers and all administrators.”

When asked for his view on the dress code as a teacher, he made it clear that he thought the dress code was in order to prepare students for dress codes that they may have later in life. His main point being that the dress code must be enforced by all teachers without exception, or there wasn’t any point to having the code at all.

Sharing a similar opinion was Debbie Cone, a parent of a student at Elkins High. From her view as a parent, she thinks that the dress code enforced at Elkins High should have revisions and be more strict on what clothes are allowed to be worn.

“I think that the dress code that they have now, with kids coming to school dressed like it’s summer vacation, I think that kids should come to school wearing clothes that are fitting appropriately,” Mrs. Cone shared.

Looking at all sides of the dress code issue shows that no party is happy with the way the dress code is currently being enforced.