Sudan Military Coup

A military coup in Sudan took place on Monday morning, in which the armed forces detained the prime minister and other civilian political leaders, dissolving all hopes for a democratic transition in one of Africa’s largest countries.

“I think another country should intervene and help make Sudan stable again as it was just about to have democratic structure of government in which the people are the voice of the government.”, Senior Ben Collett says.

Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the military chief, announced at a news conference that he was abolishing the country’s joint civilian-military government, however, he declared that the elections planned for July 2023 will still take place. There had been significant signs that the Sudan military was unwilling to fully share power with the intent of protecting its interests and was plotting a takeover. General al-Burhan blamed the military’s actions on quarrels between political factions.

“The Sudan military are in the wrong here as they are blocking the idea of democracy from the Sudanian people and instead are instituting a Stratocracy.”, Senior Noah Bacus said.