When Should We Start Celebrating Christmas?


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When should we start celebrating Christmas?


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As the holiday season nears closer and closer, an annual argument has come out once again. The question of when Christmas should begin to be celebrated can be heard throughout the hallways of Elkins High School. The typical time for radio stations to begin playing festive music is December 1st, but some argue that it should be a month before.

The opinions range from those of Hazel Jackson, who argues that Christmas should be celebrated from October 1st all the way through to the New Year, while others say Christmas is in December for a reason, and it should stay that way.

Celia Riccotilli, a junior at Elkins High has strong opinions on the topic. “Why would you celebrate a holiday a month early? No one celebrates Halloween in September, so why do we do that for Christmas? It’s dumb.”

This opinion is shared by fellow classmate Kaelyn Cogar. “Every Holiday deserves its own month to be celebrated. Christmas’s time is in December, and Thanksgiving’s time is in November. Some people say it should be based on opinion, but I don’t care, because my opinion is right.”

In the middle of this debate are the students who believe that the preparation for Christmas should begin on November 1st, take the week of Thanksgiving break to celebrate Thanksgiving, and then go back to full blown Christmas festivities.

Freshman students, Mallory Bennett and Maddie Belan thought this was the best approach. “I think it’s important to have something to celebrate, especially right before a big holiday like Christmas.” said Bennett. “Yeah,” agreed Belan. “I mean it’s not like there’s Thanksgiving music!”

Of course, there are some students who could care less when Mariah Carey’s voice pops up on the radio. Freshman Addy Cogar says it should be up to the person. “I don’t care when people start celebrating. It’s the Holidays. Let them celebrate when they want to celebrate.”