Thanksgiving and Covid

This Thanksgiving will have many differences compared to its precursors. With COVID taking a toll on our everyday lives, it is also taking its toll on the way we celebrate holidays. Many family gatherings will be canceled or limited due to the virus, with there being many different views on how holidays or any gathering for that matter should be conducted.
The CDC has stated that you should avoid traveling, gather in small groups, wear masks indoors, gather outside if possible, avoid gathering if sick or experiencing symptoms, and get vaccinated. Everyone that can get vaccinated should be vaccinated for the protection of themselves and others around them.
Some believe that COVID will be around whether we like it or not and we shouldn’t fear it as much as we do. Many things have not been the same since COVID hit, and it has caused concerns of whether or not it is safe to have any sort of gathering this holiday season.
When asked if people should be able to attend holiday gatherings, Mr. Currence, the assistant principal at EHS, said: “At this point, everyone who wants the vaccine has had the vaccine so I have no problem with family gatherings.”
“I think it’s fine. We need to start getting things back to normal. People will make their own judgements on who they want to see and whyand at what cost. We have a vaccine and if people want to get vaccinated they can and if they don’t then they don’t.” Mrs. Phillips stated.
However, it is believed that COVID cases will rise higher than it was before the holidays after Thanksgiving because of all the gatherings that will be occurring. COVID is still a very serious matter that must be dealt with in a discreet manner. Deciding if they are having a family gathering with a large group of people, if one at all, is ultimately up to the families.
It is around this time that most families begin planning their thanksgiving gatherings, but some worry that it might be dangerous. However, as long as the property precautions are taken, it is in fact safe to hold a smaller gathering. Get vaccinated, avoid large gatherings, and wear masks around others who are not vaccinated to protect people who cannot get vaccinated due to either their age or underlying conditions.