EHS Students Visit D&E Printmaking Studio


On November 19, 2021 the Art 3 class took a field trip to Davis and Elkins College campus. They were there to print their very own designs on a t-shirt and learn how to screen print. Mrs. Richardonson, the class’s teacher, was the one who instructed the educational field trip.

“They went to D&E [Davis and Elkins College] to work on print making and they got to make their own shirts and tour the facility and learn how to do screen printmaking.”

Printmaking is transferring a piece of art from a matrix onto another surface, often being paper or fabric. A matrix is used almost like a template. It can be made up of wood, metal or glass.The design is created on the matrix by working its flat surface with either tools or chemicals. To print from a matrix requires the application of controlled pressure, most often attained or accomplished by using a printing press. This gives the design an even look and will make it look desirable on the fabric or other surface.

As an art teacher, Mrs. Richardson strives to open up new opportunities for her students. She often places their art work in competitions or places their work in art shows. This time she wanted a more realistic approach.

“I was trying to give the students a more realistic and college level experience.”

One art student was happy to talk about her experience at the college, and how it influenced her.

“It was good. Good to see the campus and its layout. I liked going to the art studio and seeing what kind of technology they had there.”