The Reality of Cafeteria Food

School food is “The worst food imaginable” according to freshman Carlee Isenhart. The cafeteria ladies take all the heat for the “bad food” that they have to serve. But who decides what we will be eating on Thursday? The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 is a federal statute that was signed into law former President Barack Obama. This law funded child nutrition, free school meals, and reduced-price school meals for five years. This law set new nutrition standards for schools that were required to be met.
Randolph County Schools have been following these rules strictly by giving us the proper nutrition our young bodies require. The county board office orders the food for the school and us to meet these health requirements. They also set the menu for the entire county to ensure consistency across all schools.
“Years ago, when [Michelle] Obama was the first lady, a bunch of regulations were put in place. She thought school lunches were the reason kids were obese. Everything turned to low sodium and whole wheat. Now everything is processed instead of cooking meals.” Assistant Principal Mr. Currence stated.
Randolph County is very fortunate to receive free and reduced lunches. The income level of parents of students is for the majority low. The state provides the fundings for Randolph county’s free lunches. This is beneficial for the students whose families do not make enough money to provide extra to pay for their child’s lunches or do not have any extra money to spare. “The income level of our county is so low that we meet a certain percentage of our population [with a low income]. Right now everyone gets free lunch. If a certain percentage of low income is hit, then the school gets free lunch. It all depends on the income of the parents”. Mr. Ware stated.
The school has requirements that they have to help students make the right choices when it comes to choosing foods. Students need at least four items on their trays. At least one of the items needs to be half a cup of fruit or half a cup of vegetables. The lunch ladies ensure the students have these proportions provided daily.