EHS Students Learn Winter Driving Skills


Each winter new drivers are often worried or scared driving in the snow. Elkins High School tries to keep their students safe by providing them with a driver’s education program.

“Depending on the student it is easy to teach how to drive during winter,” Mr. Ware, the driver education teacher, noted.

Mr. Ware suggested that some students try to avoid driving in the winter due to the snow, while other students take extra precautions including slowing down, using hazard lights when they start sliding, and being more focused while driving.

“Students can drive well in the winter if they take precautions and use safety as their main priority,” Mr. Ware advised.

Students often take Mr. Ware’s advice to heart. Senior Haiden Ponivicker uses precautions such as staying steady on the brake with pressure while driving to prevent sliding or wrecks.

“I keep my full attention on the road, driving slowly and carefully.”