Physical Education Teacher Lends A Helping Hand For School Sports Teams

Coach Evan Hott is currently working with students associated with Elkins High School sport teams. Hott began his experience by coaching the Elkins High football team in 2012. He continued working with the team until 2020. He is now contributing to Elkins sports by hosting conditioning and strength training with students after school. He contributed to fall sports teams as well as the basketball teams starting at the end of winter last year.

Their conditioning started in March in hopes for a strong 2022-2023 season. Other than basketball he is also currently working with the swim and track teams.

Hott has future hopes. “I hope to work with all sports teams affiliated with Elkins High School. I’m excited to see how the conditioning will improve their performance on the field, pool, or court”.

Ultimately Hott one primary goal: “To stress the importance of strength and conditioning in all sports.”