Two Seniors, Two Colleges, Two States

Seniors Decide Between WV Colleges and Out-of-State Colleges

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Graduation is seven months away, seniors are beginning to decide what colleges they’ll attend after they complete high school. To understand what colleges are being considered by our seniors, we went straight to the source and interviewed some of our soon-to-be graduates.

Jon, one of the students interviewed, will be attending the local Davis & Elkins College. He chose D&E as he would “be able to be close to home and save thousands of dollars” with a nearby, in-state school. He’s planning to get a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Austin, another senior, says he’s gotten accepted into Ohio State. He applied because of its acclaimed software design program. He has decided to major in Computer Software. “I want to use my major to become a software designer,” he told us.

“And I will minor in business so I can start my own business company in the future.”