Cheer Competes at Big Ten Championship

Elkins High School cheer team competed at the Big Ten Cheer Competition on Tuesday November 9, 2021.They finished 9th out of 11 teams competing.

“I was terrified plus my nerves were everywhere and I felt sick because there were a lot of people,” Alyssa Haddix said.

They were glad they could come together and work as a team. Each one of them put in effort to place fourth. Although it is not what they wanted, they came home happy to have been doing what they love.

“We did the best we could but I think if we would have slowed down and taken a breath we would have done better,” Haddix added.

The Elkins High School cheerleaders all worked together in their routines and encouraged each other throughout the whole competition. Elkins High Cheerleaders went home without a win but managed to still go home with pep.