Swimming Floats the Imagination of EHS Students

The boys wear swim caps, goggles, and jammers, while the girls wear one-piece bathing suits, swim caps, and goggles. Swimmers use those suits and jammers to glide through the water quickly. Goggles prevent water from getting into the swimmers’ eyes, while swim caps are used to keep their hair dry.

The students on the Elkins High School swim team use these items during their races and competitions. This sport has different categories and divisions such as: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and sidestroke.

“I swim because it keeps me in shape and it’s fun!” Anna Hulver, a member of the Elkins High School swim team stated.

“I love doing backstroke because I feel like I push myself more when I do backstroke instead of freestyle.”

She had been part of the swim team for three years. It had affected her life by encouraging her to push herself even more.

“My least favorite category is the butterfly because it’s very exhausting.”