Elkins High School goes on Thanksgiving Break


Every year around the holiday of Thanksgiving, students at Elkins HIgh School are given a week off to celebrate. Some people may have family come to town, some may spend their days hunting, and some may be working during their time off. Even though not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, most everyone enjoys their break off from school.

Thea, a senior, is scheduled to work almost everyday during her break. With Thanksgiving off, she will spend time with her family eating good food. Thea said her favorite part of Thanksgiving was the food.

“I am excited for a break so I can sleep and eat food.”.

Senior, Clare, is looking forward to several college tours in New England, so she is traveling during break this year. She also has to finish up some English work, and prep for her All-State Band audition. This year Clare and her family are going to celebrate this Thanksgiving with some family friends.

“I’m excited because I have college tours during Thanksgiving break, up in New England. I’m very excited to travel up there to do that.”.

Senior, Kiley, stated “I am more excited for Thanksgiving break this year than I have ever been.” She is excited because there will be new family friends attending Thanksgiving dinner this year. She is looking forward to finally getting a break from school and spending time with family she doesn’t get to see often. Kiley has plans to start playing the violin again, catching up on school work, and sleep. She is taking this time off to catch up on life and get ready for college.

“I can’t wait to wake up and see snow outside on Thanksgiving, and then go make myself some hot cocoa to go with my dinner.”.

Thanksgiving break is not just for Thanksgiving. It gives students a break from school, time to spend with family, and time to do what makes them happy.

“I like Thanksgiving break because it’s a very special time to spend with family that’s nostalgic while making new memories at the same time, just reminiscing.” said Kiley.