EHS Clubs Return

Clubs are starting back up at Elkins High School


Kelsey Tincher

Skills USA’s first meeting as a group

Clubs returned at Elkins High School on November 9, 2022. Students reported to their clubs during advisor on this day. All Students got to pick their top three choices of clubs during advisor. There are many clubs available, such as Photography Club, Board Games Club, and Wellness Club. The clubs that students received were given to them during homeroom on November 7, 2022.

A lot of teachers and students are excited about clubs starting up.

Mrs. Phipps said, “I am ecstatic for clubs, they are a great opportunity for students to find passions or interests.” She is running the Recycling Club with Mr. Duncan.

Student, Alyssa said “ I am excited for clubs, but I hope I got a better club than last year.” The club she is in this school year is the Board Games Club. Another student, Brian said, “Yes, I am excited and I had a great experience last year.” He joined a computer games and study hall club. Clubs are coming soon and many students are excited to experience them.